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In this episode, Rebecca and Eric discuss the importance of understanding clients’ fears and concerns and using logic and logic to address them in the mortgage industry.

They emphasize the need for a mindset of finding the problem and fixing it on the front-end to solve problems that originators don’t even know they can solve. Eric shares his experience working as a financial planner and focusing on problem-solving, while Rebecca shares her experience as a mortgage broker in Clarksville, Tennessee.

They discuss the challenges of marketing to pre-approval clients and the challenges faced in the current market, emphasizing the need to build relationships with realtors and treating them as partners rather than just clients.

They also discuss the shift in the market and partnering with the right people with the necessary skills and experience to succeed.

Here are some of the topics that we’ve discussed:

  • Understanding clients’ fears and concerns in the mortgage industry
  • Using logic and empathy to address client concerns
  • Mindset of finding and fixing problems on the front-end
  • Eric’s experience as a financial planner and focus on problem-solving
  • Rebecca’s experience as a mortgage broker in Clarksville, Tennessee
  • Challenges of marketing to pre-approval clients
  • Challenges faced in the current market
  • Importance of building relationships with realtors
  • Treating realtors as partners rather than just clients
  • Shift in the market dynamics
  • Partnering with individuals possessing necessary skills and experience for success

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