Understanding the Mortgage Industry’s Economics

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In this episode, Megan Anderson, the VP of client relations at MBS Highway, discusses the importance of understanding the mortgage industry’s economics and working for Barry, one of the top real estate forecasters in the industry.

She emphasizes the need to build relationships with originators and understand the economics of the industry to better understand the market. Megan and Eric discuss the impact of interest rates and inflation on the economy, mentioning that inflation will moderate and mortgage rates will likely come down in the next couple of months.

They also talk about recessionary indicators such as bank failures and bank failures cutting into the recession. Megan explains that the unemployment rate is a sign of a recession, but it hasn’t turned yet. They emphasize the need for tight inventory and growing demand to meet demand.

Here are some of the topics that we’ve discussed:

  • Importance of understanding the mortgage industry’s economics
  • Working for Barry, a top real estate forecaster
  • Building relationships with originators
  • Impact of interest rates on the economy
  • Impact of inflation on the economy
  • Prediction of inflation moderation
  • Prediction of mortgage rates coming down
  • Recessionary indicators
  • Bank failures as recession indicators
  • Unemployment rate as a recession indicator
  • Tight inventory in the housing market
  • Growing demand in the housing market

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