Mortgage Industry: Standing Out in a Crowded Market

Mortgage Industry: Standing Out in a Crowded Market

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In this podcast episode, we explore the mortgage industry and discuss how to build and maintain relationships in real estate. We talk about the importance of trust, excellent service, and meeting client expectations. We also cover adapting mortgage strategies to market changes and using video in our work.

Our guest, Brandon Goldberg, brings a wealth of experience in the mortgage industry. He began his career as a personal banker at Wells Fargo but quickly realized that the sales techniques didn’t align with his values. He transitioned to providing backup lending services for builders and eventually became a preferred lender, assisting more than 200 families annually. Brandon places a strong emphasis on cultivating relationships and trust within the industry, and he believes in offering tangible assistance to his clients. He highlights the significance of setting oneself apart in a competitive market and continually adjusting strategies to address objections and understand clients’ concerns.

Brandon’s valuable insights and firsthand experiences in the mortgage industry make him an excellent resource for those interested in establishing and nurturing relationships in real estate. He shares practical advice on building trust, delivering outstanding service, and surpassing client expectations. Brandon also explores the importance of adapting mortgage strategies to adapt to shifting market conditions and the benefits of incorporating video into his work. Whether you’re a realtor, builder, or mortgage professional, listening to Brandon’s expertise can offer valuable strategies and insights to enhance your business and thrive in the industry.

“You got to show them why they should trust you and build that trust like now because otherwise somebody else’s offer is going to get accepted.” – Brandon Goldberg

Here are some of the topics that we’ve discussed:

  • Why building and maintaining relationships in the real estate industry is crucial
  • How to earn trust and exceed client expectations
  • The importance of staying updated on market trends and offering creative solutions
  • How to adapt mortgage strategies to changing market conditions
  • The impact of implementing video in the mortgage industry
  • Strategies for building referral relationships and getting started with them
  • Differentiating oneself in the saturated market and showcasing tangible ways to help clients
  • The process of building relationships and trust with builders and realtors
  • The speaker’s work experience and current situation in the mortgage industry
  • The role and value proposition of a loan officer
  • File flow and responsibilities in the loan process
  • The importance of time management in mortgage strategy
  • Adapting to market changes during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The speaker’s team structure and file flow in the mortgage business
  • The speaker’s role in the mortgage industry and the difficulty of being completely hands-off.

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Resources and Links Mentioned:

  • “Producer Plateau” video series for realtors to build their business from home
  • “Getting to Know You” form for gathering information about clients
  • Strategies for presenting offers to differentiate client offers
  • System processes for better referral partnerships and networking
  • Videos on mindset, virtual buyer consultation, and virtual showings
  • Team Dynamics and Workflow in loan processing
  • Balancing work and content creation in the mortgage industry

Here is a clip short from our episode:

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