Mortgage Success Crushing It with Tony Robbins Skill

Mortgage Success Crushing It with Tony Robbins Skill

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In this podcast episode, Geoff shares valuable insights and strategies for mortgage professionals looking to attract agents and build a successful referral-based business. They emphasize the importance of equipping agents with educational content and providing support to help them succeed. The speaker also highlights the various ways to structure a team and acquire business, but advises focusing on a few strategies and mastering them before moving on to others. They suggest branding oneself, creating content, and utilizing event marketing as effective methods for building a thriving mortgage business.

Our guest, Geoff Zimfer, is a highly experienced mortgage professional with over 20 years of industry knowledge. He began his career working for Tony Robbins, where he honed his skills in presenting and selling. Jeff has since transitioned into the mortgage business, specializing in helping loan officers build referral relationships with real estate agents through education.

Listeners should tune in to gain valuable insights from Geoff’s experience and learn effective methods for attracting agents and building a successful referral-based business. Whether you’re a mortgage professional looking to enhance your marketing strategies or a real estate agent seeking to strengthen your referral network, Jeff’s expertise and practical advice will provide valuable guidance.

“People are attracted to want to work with somebody who is unique and different and adds value and you rise up noise. And why we’re doing this, doing these types of classes is because if you show up, you blow their socks off, you show them how to save tremendous amount of time with a tool like chat GPT to be more efficient and ultimately to impact their business.” – Geoff Zimfer

Here are some of topics that we’ve discuss:

  • How to attract agents and build a referral-based business
  • Why transitioning from Tony Robbins to the mortgage business was a game-changer
  • What the Mortgage Marketing Institute offers for loan officers
  • How to overcome the identity of being new in a new job
  • Why hosting events as a loan officer is crucial for success
  • How starting a podcast can help build relationships in the mortgage industry
  • The importance of providing valuable information to real estate agents
  • Why delivering value and asking for business go hand in hand
  • How teaching agents to use chat GPT can benefit their real estate tasks
  • The power of podcast clips and personal branding in building a successful mortgage business

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