Anthony Casa

Better Every Day: Innovating and Improving with Anthony Casa

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In this episode, the host engages in a compelling interview with the esteemed authority in the mortgage industry, Anthony Casa, who candidly reveals his path to entering the field at the young age of 18. Despite discontinuing formal education in the eighth grade, Anthony harnessed his unwavering resolve and unwavering diligence to glean wisdom from accomplished salespersons, forging his own triumphant journey. Eventually, he established the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME), a transformative platform dedicated to empowering independent mortgage professionals nationwide through comprehensive support and invaluable resources.

What you’ll learn:

The audience will gain insights into different facets of the mortgage sector, such as the significance of enhancing client experience, strategic talent acquisition and advancement, optimizing operational efficiency, leveraging technology to establish a marketplace, coaching and addressing weaknesses, fostering internal communities, attracting skilled professionals, and understanding the current industry cycle. Additionally, the episode explores leadership, organizational culture, empathy, and the trials and triumphs of the business. However, one part of the transcript consists solely of informal conversation and pleasantries, lacking substantial information.


01:43Learning from the financial crisis. 04:29Building a scalable mortgage company. 08:25Client experience and environment. 09:02Building a strong team. 12:02Building a productive team. 15:09Grassroots movement against bad business. 17:55Mortgage platform efficiency. 22:00Building a community. 24:05Supporting Loan Officers. 27:05Internal Communities. 29:53Finding Non-LOs is Tough. 32:53Housing market recovery timing. 38:45Developing company culture. 39:23Building a strong team culture. 43:01Empathy and experiences drive behavior. 45:27Business growth and opportunity.


00:01:56 – “And as a result of that, you know, obviously I think that the housing crisis, you know, was what it was.”

00:02:13 – “in the mortgage industry, you got to be relationship focused.”

00:05:30 – “we’re on pace to do over $3 billion in buying this year.”

00:07:49 – “I’m not satisfied almost everything.”

00:09:49 – “But if you wanna build a scalable business, it all comes down to how do you make people feel and how are you helping your people grow and you know, get better every day.”

00:11:33 – “when you have people correct the things that went wrong, that care and apply that level of care, you can actually turn an upset customer and upset team member into an evangelist by showing them, hey, listen, we’re really sorry about how this went wrong.”

00:15:06 – “I realized, like, that’s not what I wanted to build, was just a company that was, you know, generating the most, but not very fulfilling for its team members.”

00:16:36 – “hey, I’m gonna leave, you know, Garden State Home Loans, I’m gonna focus all of my energy on AIM and, you know, I have no regrets.”

00:18:03 – “But really, to be completely straight, is like there’s no pickup when it comes to like, you know, better pricing than the broker channel.”

00:20:26 – “It’s like we look at it, we’re creating a marketplace for LOs to be able to access lenders, not the broker channel where you really have to kind of, you know, learn it all yourself and do it all yourself.”

00:23:49 – “I am a process person.”

00:25:49 – “making sure you’re aligning with people that give a crap.”

00:27:17 – “But at the end of the day, if only 20% are using them, only 20% are gonna get the benefit.”

00:29:21 – “there’s not a lot of impressive people in the mortgage business.”

00:32:20 – “Now’s the time to grow.”

00:34:19 – “This mindset is not helping you. So I need to do the complete opposite, even if I see no results and I lowered my expectation as far as results go and just cranked up my drive to just take action regardless.”

00:38:12 – “Then get your ass out of bed and do what you need to do to win every day because nothing else matters.”

00:39:23 – “It all starts with understanding that like, you gotta have their back. They gotta believe that you believe in them more than they believe in themselves.”

00:40:53 – “they’re an asshole, they may call the money, blah, blah, blah.”

00:43:56 – “It all starts with trust.”

00:45:19 – “And all you have to do is apply yourself.”