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Navigating the Mortgage Industry: Insights from a CFO

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In this episode of the Mortgage Pro podcast, host Eric Braun interviews Arthur Most, the CFO of Contour Mortgage. Most shares his background in accounting and how he got into the mortgage industry. The episode highlights how Most grew Contour Mortgage from five loan originators to 300 nationwide, offering business and team management tips. The episode encourages listeners to subscribe and share with other mortgage professionals.

What you’ll learn:

Listeners will delve into the captivating journey of Arthur Most, the CFO of Contour Mortgage, as they discover how he steered the company’s growth from a modest team of five loan originators to an impressive nationwide force of 300. They will also gain valuable insights into the intricacies of running a business, managing personnel and employees, and capitalizing on opportunities within the dynamic mortgage industry. The podcast explores a wide range of topics pertinent to the mortgage landscape, such as fostering a cohesive team, implementing effective marketing strategies, navigating challenges, and prioritizing customer care. Throughout the episode, the speaker underscores the significance of setting ambitious goals, aligning with the right organization, and nurturing meaningful connections in the world of business. Furthermore, the episode touches upon the transformative influence of technology and the far-reaching implications of the pandemic on the industry.


00:50Transition from accountant to mortgage. 03:39Attraction to industry personalities. 08:36Building a Strong Mortgage Company. 11:23Great service and great rates. 15:28Growing a mortgage business. 19:22Leadership and problem-solving. 22:11Everyone cares in the process. 27:04Organic growth strategy. 31:05Advice for struggling loan officers. 32:49Opportunity in career growth. 36:43Cost of origination. 39:55Referral and Partnership Strategies. 45:24Meeting and connecting with people. 48:29Communicating with people at scale.


00:03:39 – “What I always attracted to this industry was the people. There’s a lot of stories. There’s a lot of personalities, a lot of strong personalities.”

00:05:50 – “And now touching base on what I don’t want to touch base on it. I really want to dive into this because this is one of the reasons I want to sit down with you.”

00:09:51 – “I wanted to kind of be like a dolphin in a sea of sharks.”

00:12:43 – “I think the product that we sell is priceless, which it’s I mean, you know, when I first started to like take business seriously and you know, I was going to seminars and I was listening to podcasts like this and I was you know, I was trying to learn and I understood like, okay, like there’s”

00:13:19 – “no other product does what we sell, you know, quote unquote sell.”

00:16:00 – “want to come to the company because of our brand and our reputation.”

00:19:22 – “if you can address a campfire before it becomes a forest fire, it’s a lot easier to put out a lot of campfires.”

00:22:17 – “what you need to know is that everybody that’s involved in this process cares. Every single person. They care about you. They care about your borrower. They care about the realtors on the transaction.”

00:24:51 – “you’re only as good as your last loan. While not exactly true, it’s not completely untrue.”

00:28:53 – “When you forget that is when I think you start to weaken as a company.”

00:30:44 – “It’s just a challenging time where good people and good companies band together, get through it together, and then build on the other side.”

00:33:30 – “Look for the right place that will support what you need to grow and develop.”

00:35:38 – “I think a lot of people are just waiting for the phone to ring and it’s when rates are not at 2%. It’s not going to ring the same way.”

00:37:45 – “You can be more efficient, but you can also be more costly and very involved.”

00:41:34 – “With time, things kind of work themselves out.”

00:43:05 – “give me two hours to meet in the morning and then I’ll double your income.”

00:45:37 – “Don’t ever say nice to meet you. Always say nice to see you.”

00:48:13 – “like, yeah, I liked cars and you know, I loved girls and I loved whatever I loved, right?”