The Power of Mindset: Transforming Your Mortgage Career

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In this episode of the Mortgage Pro Podcast, host Eric Braun discusses the importance of mindset in the mortgage industry during these challenging times. He emphasizes the need for practical advice and real-world experience, rather than motivational fluff. Braun highlights the current state of the industry, including fluctuating interest rates

What you’ll learn:

The listener will learn about the importance of maintaining a positive mindset in the mortgage industry, including practical advice for improving one’s mindset and surrounding oneself with positive people. The podcast emphasizes the challenges facing the industry and the importance of taking action and playing offense to bring in business. The episode provides practical advice for improving one’s mindset and highlights the importance of having a positive attitude in the face of challenges.


01:12The importance of mindset. 09:49Input and Mindset. 13:35Minded body. 18:08Taking Action in Sales. 22:40Mindset for success.


00:01:17 – “Now, I’m not going to be giving you guys fluff and just, you know, I’m not a motivational speaker.”

00:04:39 – “Mindset is everything.”

00:06:47 – “Mindset is going to allow you to do that.”

00:10:18 – “all of that information poison what I was doing every single day.”

00:16:43 – “Stay on offense.”

00:17:54 – “So get on offense, take action, take action.

00:20:45 – “The hardest part about sales is sometimes you work for free.”