Jason Fraizer

Building Your Brand: The Key to Success in Marketing

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In this MortgagePro Podcast episode, host Eric Braun interviews esteemed guest Jason Frazier, a renowned marketing expert. They cover his mortgage industry background, social media’s impact, mindset, and marketing strategies. Frazier shares his career journey and emphasizes the significance of marketing and social media in the mortgage industry. Valuable insights and tips are provided for professionals. Must-listen for enhancing marketing and social media skills.

What you’ll learn:

The audience will gain insights into Jason Frazier’s vast expertise in the mortgage industry, encompassing his marketing and social media background. The podcast explores a range of subjects, including mindset, influence, and the significance of community and personal growth. The episode also delves into LeapOps, a company undergoing transformative changes in the upcoming 60-90 days, and the advantages of coaching with Next Level. The speaker underscores the crucial role of consistency, perseverance, and understanding one’s ultimate goals in achieving success in sales, marketing, and social media. Moreover, the episode emphasizes the significance of establishing a brand, formulating a mission statement, and focusing on a particular audience. Listeners will also acquire valuable perspectives on the speaker’s individual encounters and resolute dedication to the mortgage and real estate sector.


01:07Second Generation Mortgage Professional. 03:48Making money out of passion. 08:01Career crossroads and success. 13:25LeapOps announcement. 16:00Building a Better Industry. 19:01Coaching with active originators. 21:35Affordable real estate education. 27:19Starting social media journey. 28:47Non-negotiable commitment to execute. 31:36Overcoming failure in content creation. 34:35Overcoming Struggles in Pursuit. 38:45Building your personal brand. 43:30Signs that marketing is working. 45:02Impactful social media presence. 47:25Impact of Gary V. 53:05Defining your brand. 56:01Changing lives in real estate. 58:11Success story of a CEO.


00:03:50 – “Ah, federal service, a lot of money, you know, like doing something that I really had a passion for. It was kind of an easy choice.”

00:09:15 – “I’m not an ego guy, but first and foremost, I want to make an impact in this industry and help people.”

00:13:17 – “But what are we doing with that is we are creating a new evolution.”

00:14:27 – “We’re going to be able to do stuff that no one else is capable of doing.”

00:16:49 – “whenever anybody has impact in mind and truly cares about the people within that space, good things happen.”

00:19:53 – “Coaching isn’t always about like instructing and telling someone what to do. Coaching is also about walking with them.”

00:22:55 – “That, you know, that’s a piece of crap.”

00:25:27 – “anything that is going to help this industry, whether it’s the consumers or the people within it, I’m behind.”

00:27:34 – “One is you have to start with your mindset.”

00:29:32 – “Your mindset is your foundation. And if your foundation is shaky, anything you build on top is going to fall down.”

00:33:02 – “You got to choose your heart, right? You know, that’s something that, you know, a lot of people talk about it. You got to choose it. It’s not easy. It’s going to be difficult successes. It’s hard to get, but you got to decide if you’re in this for the long term or, you know, for short-term gain, right?”

00:35:50 – “I’ve seen a lot of people give up, right? And they had something special in them. It’s just they didn’t have the fortitude to go through with it.”

00:37:27 – “I want to leave something behind. I want to have something that people remember or whatever.”

00:38:05 – “understanding engagement, understand that you just can’t post and pray.”

00:40:20 – “People try to go to shortcut land, right?… How do I hack this? How do I shortcut this? And that’s not going to set you up for success.”

00:44:50 – “When you start getting messages, calls, emails, things referencing your content, that’s when you know that it’s working, right?”

00:46:02 – “Like you changed my life.”

00:49:52 – “Because for every, for every person that reaches out to you and says, oh, you made an impact, there’s another 10 that you made an impact, but they just haven’t reached out to you yet.”

00:53:00 – “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

00:53:09 – “When it comes to branding, everybody thinks it’s the colors and the logo and all that nonsense.”

00:56:31 – “That we are changing someone’s life for the better.”

00:59:11 – “I have a passion for this industry.”